Triple B Farms

823 Berry LaneMonongahela, PA 15063
Phone: (724) 258-3557
Business Hours: Every Day 10AM - 2PMWebsite: Visit Website Google Map

Triple B Farms is your home for the region’s best fresh, local, sustainably grown, delicious produce...AND...the most wholesome family fun destination in the area!

Ron Beinlich raised all-natural beef cattle here starting in 1967. Since 1985, Ron and his wife Carolyn have been growing fresh fruits and vegetables and operating a Country Market. Their son, Bill and his wife Suzanne have joined the business and expanded the family funPick-Your-Own, and other farm fresh offerings:

• Home-grown and local fruits and vegetables

• Homemade pies and fudge made with farm fruits

• Numerous Jams and jellies

• Farm Fresh Eggs & Meat from trusted farm friends

• Honey from the farm’s beehives

• Amish butter and cheeses from trusted farm friends

• Farm toys, gift items, kitchen gadgets, pet goods

Large selection of local goat milk soaps & bath products

• Amazing Family Farm Food & Fun!

 Children & adults love to play together in Pop’s Farmyard, open weekends all summer long. In the fall, we host Pittsburgh’s Finest Family Apple & Pumpkin Festival, more fun for the WHOLE family!

A sustainable approach: Triple B Farms’ Harvest Philosophy

At Triple B Farms, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest homegrown fruits and vegetables in Western Pennsylvania. Simply put, we love to grow good food for good people, and our customers notice. We have been told, “You can taste the love of farming in your produce: strawberries, raspberries, corn, peaches, and apples. Thank you for your commitment to my food and my family!”

You may ask, How do we do this? The farmers at Triple B utilize these philosophies of agriculture:

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management in its purest form is defined as identifying damage, recognizing pests, and determining damage levels. Does the disease or pest need to be eradicated in order to produce a crop? Triple B Farms uses independent crop consultants weekly, as well as the farmers themselves, to monitor presence of disease or insect pests. Not only are these consultants looking for the “bad” diseases and pests but also the naturally occurring beneficial insects that are natural enemies of the “bad” pests. By monitoring weekly, Triple B’s farmers have the most up-to-date information on the health of plants and numbers of pests. We record this data so we can monitor our crops from year to year. Early detection of problems allows us more opportunity to apply the necessary management techniques. Therefore, we apply fewer pesticides to our crops than would otherwise be required; this prevents resistance buildup in diseases and pests as well as respecting the environment.


Sustainable Practices

As a member of PASA (PA Association for Sustainable Agriculture), Triple B Farms believes in sustainable farming for a healthier life. PASA’s mission is promoting profitable farms that produce healthy food for all people while respecting the natural environment. PASA farms must:

  • Engage in farming practices that conserve natural resources and energy, protect the environment, and enhance relationships with our customers and local communities
  • Use techniques that reduce and perhaps eliminate pesticide, herbicide, synthetic fertilizer and other chemicals.
  • Use beneficial insects and other naturally occurring controls in nature for crops
  • Use cropping patterns (crop rotation) which restore nutrients and combat disease to build land fertility naturally.
  • Protect nearby natural habitats by eliminating harmful runoff and erosion.
  • Promote healthy soil by using microorganisms, organic matter, cover crops, and other natural elements.
  • Maximize water efficiency.


Triple B Farm's owners and their children live and work every day on our farmland. We work hard to make it a safe place for our family, our employees, and our customers. We also grow and harvest produce that tastes great and is safe for our neighbors to consume.

Triple B Farms pledges to continue to grow and harvest the safest and healthiest fruits and vegetables available. Harvesting healthy, homegrown produce is our family’s business. Thank you for your business, support, and trust. Here’s to your family’s health!

 We are proud to serve you with delicious local food and family fun. Welcome and enjoy – The Beinlich Family