Mother's Day On A Budget

Celebrate mom without breaking the bank!

By Mandie Cohen April 26, 2024

Breakfast in Bed

Begin Mother’s Day with a simple yet special gesture—breakfast in bed. With the assistance of an adult (that's you, other parent! 😉), whip up a homemade meal like scrambled eggs and toast or a stack of pancakes topped with her favorite fruits. You can also step it up on the presentation with a small vase of flowers along with a handmade card. Acts of service can demonstrate thoughtfulness far more than any store-bought gift could, which will set a calm and loving vibe for the day.

Engaging Activities

Plan activities that are more about creating memories together rather than spending money. Consider a hike in the woods or walk in the park, visit to a local museum offering free or low cost admission, or a fun family game day at home. Another option is that you could prepare a movie marathon featuring her favorite movies, complete with popcorn and a cozy setup. You can even dress the popcorn up a bit with a sprinkle of M&Ms, peanuts and other fun things! This ideas focuses more on creating memories and quality time together. 

DIY Gifts With Love

Handmade gifts are most moms favorite things to receive. They are not only budget-friendly but also mean more because of the personal effort involved. Some quick ideas to consider are, creating a popsicle picture frame and adding a photo of the family in it or drawing her a picture of her favorite things like flowers, the family or something else! These type of gifts hold more emotional value than pricier, less personalized things.

A Handwritten Letter/Card

End the day with a simple gesture: a heartfelt letter or card. You can write about your appreciation for her, mention cherished memories, and express how she has positively influenced your life. Share this letter with her over a homemade dinner or during a quiet moment together, adding a deeply personal touch to the evening.

Make the Most of Mother’s Day

Celebrating Mother’s Day doesn't have to require a huge budget. This special holiday is simply about showing love and appreciation through thoughtful, personal gestures that display the invaluable role your mom plays in your life. By focusing on heartfelt experiences and personalized gifts, you can create a memorable and meaningful Mother’s Day that emphasizes the timeless adage: the best things in life are free.

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