10 Grand Ideas To Celebrate Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is Sept. 10

By Veronica Leon, publisher of Macaroni KID North Scottsdale, Az. September 5, 2023

Grandparents near and far should be celebrated daily, but if you need an excuse? Grandparents Day is Sept. 10! It's the perfect day for the kids to show their grandparents how much they love them.

Here are 10 sweet ideas on how your kids can show their love to grandma and grandpa on Grandparents Day:

1. Make a special card

Have the grandchildren make a special card to tell them how much they are loved.

2. Connect long distance

Have grandparents out of town? Connect your kids with them through Kinzoo Together, an interactive video-calling platform with games, stories, and activities built right in. Long-distance family members can play, read, laugh, and grow meaningful relationships — no matter how far apart they are!

Read how one Macaroni KID publisher used Kinzoo Together to connect generations across the miles. 

3. Interview them!

 "Interview" grandma and grandpa and learn some interesting facts! Need some ideas on questions to help get you started? Here are 25 questions you can ask!

4. Spend time reminiscing

Plan a lunch or dinner with your grandparents and break out the old photo albums or videos. They'll love reminiscing, and you'll love the stories! 

5. Read together

Whether it's a childhood book or a new one, make more memories together.

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6. Arrange an outing

Take a walk, ride bikes, play tennis ... or whatever your grandparents like to do! Record the memories of the day with pictures and videos that can be revisited over time.

7. Cook a meal together

Have the kids help prep a meal for grandma and grandpa. Deliver it to their house or invite the whole family over to enjoy the meal together!

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8. Play their favorite board game or card game

You never know what you might learn! 

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9. Work on a craft project together

Perhaps work on a scrapbook together. Or decorate a picture frame and add a family photo for a keepsake memory.

10. Think about others! 

Make cards for a senior home or even visit if allowed. You will make a grandparent's day ... even if they're not your grandparents!

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No matter what you decide to do in honor of National Grandparents Day, simply recognizing their important place in your lives will mean the world to them!

Veronica Leon is the publisher of Macaroni KID North Scottsdale, Az.