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Know Someone Standing Up- Standing Out When It Counts?

April 7, 2020

Times are harder than ever.  We are right there with you.  But there is joy to be found right here in Pittsburgh.  Hidden heroes.   We see it on the news, we hear it from our friends, we watch teachers give, we witness our companies step up, we see it in the smiles of our children putting bears in the window.    So many stories of inspiration and goodness out there that help to stop the feeling of being overwhelmed. We want to do our part to highlight all Pittsburgh heroes big and small.  Someone standing up, standing out when it counts?   Someone 'Burgh Proud! 

But we need your help. 


  • If you know of someone that YOU want to recognize, highlight or shout out for the inspiring way they are managing these difficult times click below to tell us about them. 
  • Is it your Senior, class of 2020?  Tell us about them and their hopes and dreams.  We'll highlight them! 
  • Is it your company that stepped up in this time, treated their team members with dignity and fairness.  Put their team members first? We want to know.  We want them to get the business first. 
  • Is it your  husband or wife finding strength in this new normal?  They deserve a shout from you. 
  • Is it your child, who has made you so proud during this time? 
  • Is it a teacher is knocking it out of the park? 
  • Is it your church that is making an impact in some way? 
  • Is it a local service or local business  that went over and above for you?  
  • Is there someone serving our pet population in some way? 
  • Is it your neighbor who did something so kind and thoughtful, it deserves to be shared? 
  • is it someone on the front lines in any way? 
  • Is it a family member that is considered essential going to work each day.  We want to know!
  • Is it your grandma that drives 30 miles each day to say hello to your munchkins from the driveway?  Let's hear about here. 

There is no better way to change the world than to continue to recognize and highlight behaviors that demonstrate how meaningful this time is and how important the people experiencing it, are.  So let's hear about your heroes!

Each week we will highlight 10 nominees sharing their story and their picture.  Your email will be recorded upon nomination and by completing the nomination form you will be subscribed to the Macaroni Kid newsletter of your choice. 

We hope this helps to spread some joy and love!

Debby Durr and Jen Sherback
Macaroni Kid of Pittsburgh, LLC